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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Become A Supervisor Today

NNN is really growing rapidly and now has a lot of user base. This gives opportunity for participants to become supervisors and help new users get acquainted with the system really fast. This is great news for participants who will like to make more money by doing what they love: "Helping People".

So are you reeaadyy!!

Here are some quick ways to enable you become a supervisor on the NNN platform.

Grow Your Referrals: 
You can quickly grow your referrals to as little as 100 users. Once you have up to 100 referrals under you will be be contacted and made a supervisor. Also, in the spirit of the Christmas season, #100,000.00 will be given to users who can get up to 100 referrals before 31st December, 2016. 🙆

Conduct Seminars At Your Location
100 users too much? Well here is an easier option for you to become a supervisor quickly.

Being a supervisor means being a leader: ready to offer your selfless service to others while getting amazing rewards - Oh how I love this!!! Hehe...

Here is the format for the seminar:

Title: Use themes suggest Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Wealth Creation Seminar etc.

  • You should have people (At least one person) in the environment wearing NNN Tee - Shirts or A banner with NNN logo on it.
  • You need to be very much knowledgeable about the working of NNN: i.e. What is NNN and what it is all about, How to Donate, How to get help, how to check your Navros growth, How to create support tickets and to contact support for any issues.
  • Gather as much people as you can.
Submit Reports From Seminars
Let us know when you have conducted a seminar. :
  •  Uploading a video of the seminar to Youtube, Facebook, and other Social Platforms. 
  • Also add a description to the video clip stating the location and the number of participants. 
  • Then submit the link of the video to via support tickets to the admin.
  • The best videos on nnn website and the users will get supervisor ticket.
Those who send in their video will  get cash rewards, a minimum of #3,000.00. It could get up to #50,000.00 depending on the environment, no of people that attended, length of the video etc. 

So here you have it. You too can become a supervisor today. Its that easy.

Click here to register if you have not already registered on NNN.



    REMEMBER: Participate ONLY with spare money!!!

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  2. Can 2 people use on system to run their separate account

  3. Sure, even on your phone you can run multiple accounts. i mean you can use your phone to operate your account and that of others

  4. Nigerians, BEWARE.

    NNN is a scam. This multiple accounts reduction is a brilliant strategy to start packing up as their predecessor, MMM.

    I was matched to PH N100k to 2 people on Saturday. Had 4 days to do so (2 working days). Only to discover monday evening that remaining hours is 12 hours and my account was blocked early Tuesday morning after I have PHed N300k and have received N25k.



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